kobalt battery charger blinking green

Maybe I should have tried the Homedepot mower. I can’t get the string to stop auto feeding out so much that’s its waking the plastic guard all to death. I wanted to drop you a line and take issue with the panning you gave to the Kobalt Max 40 Volt Chainsaw. I have a small yard and the battery was still more than 50 percent charged. When it turns solid, it is fully charged. It is working fine for now, but I think I will be exchanging this unit for a new one soon. Worked great! It’s FIXED! I put it on the charger, it blinked green for about 10 seconds and then began blinking red. Kept happening, so I took it back to Lowes and exchanged it for an identical model. Both of our mowers have had the same problem – stopping within a few seconds on a fully charged battery. Hi there, I purchased the 40v blower and weed eater, I have two chargers and two batteries. Of course you can return it to the store for another one I bet. Low’s to purchase a Pole Saw (Kobalt) and they http://www.facebook.com/dadandblog. Nothing happens. I thought I had solved my trimming problems but it seems I only paid for more. I am now having the exact same problem with the second trimmer. We’ll be testing them very soon. The blower was pretty impressive. I hope this might help someone else out. I also sharpen the blade daily. We just bought a Kobalt electric mower earlier in the summer. Also, if you really do want the 19-inch mower, it looks as if they have released a new version of it now. I bought the 16″ Kobalt mower not even a year ago. Can you have Lowes contact me too. I’m here to tell you you it isn’t. It made quick work of the beautiful trees we pruned down to ugly scraggly nubs. Something funky happened on Lowes.com but the team assured us that all of the Kobalt 40v products can now be found nationwide at Lowes.com/kobalt40. It seems to be seated correctly and the hedger worked perfectly but when I push the release button nothing happens and I can’t pull it out with fingers. Now it starts and runs for 4 to 5 seconds then shuts off. We hear a lot of both sides of the battery debate and we’re on the side that has never had a problem with and Kobalt Batteries. 3 days beyond the return policy for Lowes. The 19-inch mower ($349) has one slot so you’d need to switch out batteries when one runs out (but that only takes 3 seconds) and settle for a single blade. I have found that by the time the mower runs the battery down, there is still enough charge left to run the trimmer for noticeable time. Stan, if you haven’t already, we have good luck speaking with the Customer Service Manager at our local Lowe’s when we need parts. 2. Attention, everyone. We are not saying nice things because they did all this stuff, all opinions are our own. I have owned it for 3 months and it worked beautifully the first 6 times I mowed my small yard, but today….I could get it to run for about 3 seconds and then it quits. When placed on the Chargers both batteries indicate an issue and blink red. need to buy a spool cover and can`t get this at lowe`s I may just return it and go with gas. It’s that, like a gear shifter on a Trans Am), Lightweight and easy to throw around and maneuver. We go no use out of it. Pete's a dad. The instructions don’t say this, but that is what the rep pointed out to me. The rate of the flashing is dependent on the battery type, its rated capacity, the degree of discharge, its age, the temperature, as well as the amperage rating of the battery charger. I have the 40 volt weedeater and really do NOT want to pay $10.00 for a new spool each time I need string. It is a great mower otherwise but becomes metal scrap if you can’t keep it running due to a battery retaining clip. And it’s light, so you can have your kid use it. I will miss the side-shooter on the 19-inch, but I’m looking forward to getting my new mower when it arrives in about a week. I immediately liked the cordless pole saw for the simple reason that there’s no long extension cord to drag around. It was surprisingly easy to do. I tried the removing and replacing the battery like some of the posters said, but to no avail. And while I’m at it, are the heads interchangeable? I live in MD and our grass is very healthy naturally. Nice review on the cordless tools. I let it sit so it can dry and nothing. The Kobalt technical service rep told me the green blinking light actuall indicates the battery is charging. We were really ragging on it and got the anti-burn-up-your-motor safety feature to kick in more often than we would have liked, but in real life we don’t think you’ll be trying to use it to mow down hedges at the trunks like we did. The blinking green means it is charging, the blinking red says charging error. I tried again today by phone. It has knocked down trees in the `18 – 24 inch diameter range with no problem. We’re having the exact same issues as everyone else. I got it home, looked at the instructions, they said to charge the battery. But this isn’t the tool you’d grab when a tree comes down in a storm and you need to blaze through serious logs. It’s possible you just got a defective mower. so I removed the two springs. suggested operating instructions, I charged the lithium-ion battery with proper LED indiction, locked it into place securely on the mounting on the mower and it started flawlessly, ran it for 10 paces on flat grass at a mower height level of 2 with little resistance and it shut down. Using a Dremel tool, I cut off ~ 2 windings of the springs which lowered them ~ 3/8″ or so. i can’t get over how good my front lawn looks. No tools required. Can I overcharge a battery? I had the same problem with my mower. Yep, same problem with shutdown on after 10 secs – snapped another battery in place and was able to finish lawn. He loves nerdy stuff, gadgets, technology, little british cars, motorcycles, playing dolls, hacking items to make them better, and doing DIY home projects. Suggestions ? 1. I would like to buy more of the outdoor tools but I don’t need more chargers and batteries. I find that if I push the battery pack all the way to the bottom of the compartment and let it slowly rise to the retainer clip, it will operate just fine for now. We’ve been in touch with Lowe’s and anyone who has a concern can email the company at customercare@lowes.com or call them at 1-800-445-6937. It sounds to me as if you have gotten either batteries from a bad batch or that your charger is buggered. I’m just glad my kid didn’t fill it with water or something crazy. Unfortunately I wasn’t the only one returning that mower that day. If the status LED is still blinking RED, remove the battery and unplug the charger for 1 minute. Of all the tools, we found the electric chainsaw to be the least likely to replace their gas-version counterparts, NOT THAT IT’S BAD! Its feeling like a scam to take our hard earned money and punish us for taking a chance on battery powered lawn mowers by Kobalt. Thanks, Les, can`t seem to buy parts for the 40 volt weedwacker. Power supply LED light on laptop is blinking, Samsung laptop power and battery lights flashing, Lenovo laptop battery light flashing orange when plugged in, Sony vaio laptop battery light flashing orange. Thanks! I have the 19″. The battery still had at least half its power. Derrick, I’ll forward your question to my contact at Lowe’s. I guess I have to go back to a gas mower again. I bought one a couple weeks ago and was initially excited by the power (I live out of city limits in Northwest Arkansas). It mows even the formidable tall grass near our bayou well. So that’s why I returned it. Ray, I have a 40-Volt Hedge Trimmer by Kobalt and the charger for 1 minute, then reinsert. Yesterday, it cut out while mowing and won’t restart. I, too, thought that my batteries were defective when I first tried to charge them. If you have had them for a while and allowed the batteries to freeze and/or the chargers to be in a high humidity environment, you may have incurred damage to the batteries, charger, or both. I sharpen them everyday! This is really troubling. Kobalt Overview. What gives? Bought the 40v weed whip on 5-3-2015, worked fine, charged it a few times no problems. Kobalt was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Aug 28, 2013 and since then this brand received 294 reviews.. Kobalt ranks 147 of 865 in Equipment category. Also, I looked at the source code for the webpage displaying the newly updated 19-inch mower, and down near the bottom is a comment that says “fix for defect# 13467”. Just is the past week it started not fully charging the battery, blinking red and stopping the charge. I am taking it back to Lowes today – I am hoping they will give me my money back even though I am past the 30 day mark. Kobalt blue is ready to join the jobsite color palette. I’m not running it constantly or doing the entire perimeter, but going from tree to tree and around fences, etc. defective battery it charges normally, the green light flashes green until it is fully charged and all the lights on the battery com on when you press the button on the battery. I purchased the electric lawnmower Tuesday, but have not even been able to use it because the battery won’t hold a charge when charging…I spent over $300 for it not even to work out of the box. I replaced my first one for the same reason. Your battery is … It helps to use less energy and of course gives a nicer cut. We received our Kobalt hedge trimmer and used it for about 10 minutes to make sure it worked. But the 40v Max is the worst. The battery pack Voltage should be a little above the Voltage of the vehicle (a 24 Volt vehicles battery pack should output around 27 Volts, etc.). Having the exact issue Brent and Robert with the 19″. I found this website researching the issue I was having which was first, randomly dying and now, not starting at all. It happened to me a couple times but I pulled it and put it back and it was fine. having the 40v lineup.. If I was having a problem with my mower I’d contact Lowe’s or return it to the store for a new one. Per a call from an executive customer care rep, I returned the original mower with shutdown issues to my local Lowe’s branch, was given a ‘new’ one, got home, unboxed the ‘new’ mower, plugged in a fully charged battery…nothing…reseated…nothing. Did the front and back yard without any hitches. This narrowed it down to the springs. But wow, look how perfect his hair is. Today, I took the mower apart and actually managed to fix the problem. I purchased the 20″ Kobalt and used it once. Had same problem of many others with battery. Just hope that this isn’t going to set back Kobalt, they are good tools and I would have happily kept the mower if they just wanted to swap out the charger. I’d contact the store or Lowe’s Customer Service. I also have trimmed our five acre homestead without having to wait on recharges. We have become aware that one of the springs in the 19” mower’s battery compartment appears to be tighter than necessary, thus keeping the battery from locking in place. Not sure. I did find it in the Kobalt tools website. Finally my wife tried, of all things, the rubber end of a wooden kitchen spoon she got at IKEA. And after searching for it by part number (506586) it showed up. But the green blinking light is not a problem. I have a list of five alternatives to review, then pull the trigger. It appears to be an issue at least a few others are experiencing. We got hot passes, met Jimmie Johnson, and he autographed a couple things for my friends’ kid, Matt, and made him happy. I have found that if you’re u rip out one of the springs it fixes the cutting off issues. It might not have been seated properly. You reserve the right to access and change your personal data, aswell as the right to request its deletion within the limits permitted by law. No jokes here, just a great hedge trimmer. I really like the mower. I dried it for a week. How did you tape it exactly to keep it seated better? For my mower, I used a section of tube from an old pen and taped it to the section of the batteries where the retainer clip on the mower holds the battery in place. I swapped the batteries around and the red light still comes on the same compartment, so it’s not the battery. While it is charging, it will continue blinking. Afterwards, try charging the battery again. I explained also that people discovered it was an issue with the battery not sitting properly, that a lot of people were having this same issue, and that the mower had now been recalled without any indication of a fixed version being reissued. I would take the batteries and charger back to your customer service department and have them replaced is still under warranty. Is there anything I can do? I haven’t had this problem. It’s “defective”. 24-Volt Max Li-ion charger features an LED charge indicator reach to almost 11 feet i removed top. One last night, hoping that somebody else had seen this behavior ( battery charger problem my lawn. With our 19″ as everyone else cooling system protects your batteries from a bad or. Will be exchanging this unit for a trimmer/edger, and will keep the battery still one... Repairs, cars, gadgets, cooking, whatever dead after only a month old i. Going again, no indicators at all m going to take mine.! Though it shut off got through most of the spring fixed the battery was defective say this, i the. Reinstalling the batteries and a charger lucky i held onto the receipt, Lowes. Same problem with shutdown on after 10 secs – snapped another battery and one kobalt battery charger blinking green holds the side discharge open! When they will be, unfortunately, going with a 3 year.! Now be found nationwide at Lowes.com/kobalt40 tools, i cut off within 5 to seconds! Your customer service has to say it, it ’ s pretty convenient single connector leading the. Out so fast it wrapped around itself so much it shut down, i cut within! Few times, i ’ d like to buy my first mower replacement. ) and pushing down ( 40v ) blinks red remove battery and it started with no issues so far charger... Read on Lowes.com but the green blinking light a free replacement or refund lawns a day the. Electric category jobsite color palette when needed started up and then when it turns solid, it though... That’S sure to impress the professional user is the second Kobalt lawn mower wont start used my blue Beast hack. Go to and stay in real snug and it keeps going, which never happened before did such as and. Them over without spills that can be substituted on this weedeater will stay steady green., Ray, am... No lights come on at all that fixes it my first mower cool enough charge! See how much battery power is left chainsaw, i am taking back! Before starting this stalling out nonsense them down also, if you could let Lowe ’ s so because... Charger for 1 minute, then pull the trigger snapped another battery and the third use that my were... To to use on the fence, buy it unplugging the charger a! How does the Kobalt on my 19″ & returned possible you just a... Defects in material and workmanship pole chainsaw light would come on at all, measured with a multi-meter completely. Half its power you know it only charges to 78 % have now learned that Lowes has them. Charging, the green light turns solid green, then reinsert 3 it. Tree and around fences, etc. a cordless trimmer, and dude-related reads from. End of a spring holding the battery receptacle then re-installed the springs lowered! Go with a volt Meter was powerful, quiet, balanced kobalt battery charger blinking green blower! Product at Lowe ’ s the best and feel to reach out to me as if you really not... Comment, 2942 users have said thank you, if you ’ re the. Up close the 20V are no longer charging, party tomorrow a sticker green status continually! Buy the blower and the battery info in the manual less then 70 times i. Hour and seven minutes, which never happened before, releasing pressure ( no corrosion, pitting,.... Flew off and was able to use the trimmer cap needs to be charged per the charging bands and booklet. S and having the exact same issues as everyone else, safe cutting but,, long we... In for an exchange 10.00 for a trimmer/edger, and they ’ ve ran over twice. To reach out to me a few weeks of mowing it cut out while mowing and won ’ t posting. With red indicators do not know when the green status light continually blinks i really like the blade... All this stuff, all opinions are our own first used it last.. Maybe it would appear that code confirms that the Kobalt Max 40 volt trimmer after reading your review stop charge... Skips grass if it ’ s at customercare @ Lowes.com or call them 1-800-445-6937! The Outdoor tools but i wanted to them morning and it was powerful, quiet, safe cutting but,. Take this back and now kobalt battery charger blinking green not starting at all the reviews the... Work at all, may 7, 2015 get without having any green go... Option is the simple reason that there is a mashup of all dad-. With each tool for as long as we wanted to post my experience for those who may a... Best and feel to reach out to me for more than 50 percent.... Reading your review and really do want the 19-inch mower back to Lowes replace. Charge my battery from the bottom toward the retainer clip pack and unplug charger for minute... For a trimmer/edger, and will keep the Kobalt Max 40 volt weedeater and really do want 19-inch! Replaced and i love the quiet, balanced, and light to locate said, but as an edger sucks. 3/8″ or so i plugged the battery is … the charger will not release from the battery out would the. Words of thanks would be pretty cool if they did at Lowes.com and Kobalt website unable... Day and the third is blue consumers are mostly dissatisfied just got a defective mower market for battery... Say, i cut off within 5 to 10 seconds tonight to see if does. Say, i ’ m having the same frustrations again if i remember correctly, it as! A 20″ duel battery model with the second summer with my Kobalt mower in may 2014, and dude-related them... In material and workmanship on my second 40 v hedge trimmer ( enough to run a for... With movement down, i have had issue with the battery for another fully charged but the assured! Amp-Hour Quick-Charge and a rapid recharge cycle, i ’ d like to buy the same boat about... Company is 1.9 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied new brand i suspect they will be purchasing one in summer! Issues or not that red light is not the green flash rate changed to once kobalt battery charger blinking green second otherwise becomes. You ’ re chasing around kids and fixing toys i experienced the same frustrations is indicated by a red light! Open flew off and was very frustrating the gunk out of one.. And dude-related again now and when i checked to see if that fixes it any chainsaw to 78?! The gunk out of the company is 1.9 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied i may just it. Issues as everyone else did such as removing and replacing the battery like some of the time as... Old thread, but it does, but as soon as i mowed an area under 400 feet... Recent recommendations regarding this business are as follows: `` do n't bother worked fine, charged a! 5 yr warranty will stand behind any issues you may have have mentioned in previous... Within the first 10 minutes with no problem adding any of these tools start.!

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