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F10334_sb_requiredFields.push('F10334_sb_email'); They are stuck in the tube with everyone on the flight. People are scared, times are uncertain, and there is a lot of suffering for a lot of reasons. Gotta have my boxed wine, If you'd like to participate in the discussion, please adhere to our commenting guidelines. Limit the number of drinks they bring on board. Anyone? She mentioned having passengers pickup their wrapped food and drink boxes at the gate that way they aren’t served by FAs thus limiting contact. I realize this sounds heartless, but you have to deal with reality sometimes. @Lucky, I know I relish giving you crap when I disagree with you as much as you relish “ragging on AA” when they’re being stupid. The stay at home guidelines were never intended to STOP the virus but rather to slow it down. The actual infection rate is substantially higher. Did find toilet paper today (without even looking for it)! What’s changing to Delta inflight service? Thanks for standing up and saying what needed to be said. 2 cans of coke or 2 bottles of beer) to take and drink on the flight. ( oh yeah, flight attendants have those too.). To the former, one of the things which sets our country apart is a belief in individual worth – that no one’s life is truly any more or less worthy or saving than their neighbor’s. As far as food on aircraft – explain this to me – I just took my family to a taco bell drive-thru last night – how is serving food on a plane any different than any of the takeout/delivery food that we have been asked so much to continue to patronize? How can you support this? Of course you’re right. I’ve never been able to use any companion ticket ever … for decades. As well-intentioned as HOOUs are, there are several reasons they may difficult for some people to redeem. The pax served themselves out of coolers at the gate or on the jet bridge, pre 9/11? New Delta Flight Fuel Hawaii Menu | Image courtesy Delta. This is completely off-topic (sorry), but can anybody tell me whether a Delta ticket purchased partially with Ecredits will trigger the Amex airline credit? Thank you for speaking truth. Delta Air Lines follows a fairly standard baggage policy in terms of free carry-on bags, charging pretty average fees for U.S. domestic and Canada/Mexico flights, and including one to two bags in the base fare for international flights (dependent on cabin class).. Additional pieces after 1-2 bags, as well as overweight/oversized bags carry a pretty hefty fee, so try to stick to your regulations! var F10334_sb_requiredFields=new Array();var F10334_sb_validateFields=new Array(); After all that, I would really like an alcoholic beverage. I have canceled a number of flights coming up. My niche. Even on short Delta flights with no service in economy on a CRJ-200 they have to give you water if you ask for it. @voldoo Credulous (toward the very same center of power that has lied countless times), cowardly (though ready to wave the banner of “home of the brave”), and willing to commit economic suicide out of a fear of death. On most flights, only bottled water is avail in coach, and beer & wine in First. I’ll deal with skipping some crappy G&Ts if it means folks (and their families) can stay healthy. Serving a snack box that you have to eat with your fingers??? New Delta Flight Fuel Premium Menu | Image courtesy Delta Flight Fuel Hawaii. And once you lose a job after 50, it’s brutal trying getting back to good, if you ever can. To quote you: “I swear there is a union rule out there preventing the airlines from hiring any FA under 50 years old or weighing less than 200 lbs.”. Interesting how those same people that are willing to throw the elderly are hell bent on “protecting” the fetus. “In order to preserve liquidity throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we are deferring substantially all of our previously planned 2020 capital expenditures,” Delta said in the filing. Staging the economy reopening in areas of low risk, while maintaining the principle of social distancing in addition to scrupulous hand hygiene, AND while continuing a full stop in targeted areas good for all of us. At that point and time I think a healthy debate (and plenty of griping) is due. Plus statement credits and travel benefits galore! Register here to save your space. Plus, earn 3X on flights booked through airlines. Get rid of drinks, stop catering, get rid of the carts (weight), reduce frequencies, reduce # of crew to bare minimums. Ben. My company buys me a $8k long haul ticket in Delta One and I all I get onboard is a pre-packaged meal and a water bottle? If you are eating take-out from the container with your hands or using the utensils provided that someone else has touched. If an FA hands an unopened can of beer (or other drink) or bag of chips (or other food) to a passenger, then sanitizes his or her hands, and the passenger wipes down the can or bag with a Clorox wipe before opening it, the risk of COVID transmission between the parties is really very low. I swear there is a union rule out there preventing the airlines from hiring any FA under 50 years old or weighing less than 200 lbs. When someone else has touched something you intend to put in your mouth you should think twice before ingesting it. A week later, flight attendant gets a call from work, letting them know they’ve been exposed. If you can’t handle it 2 weeks in, you’re going to go bonkers pretty fast. Oh and then the flight attendant also has a life, that involves interacting with essential people. Advertiser Disclosure: Some links to credit cards and other products on this website will earn an affiliate commission. I for one appreciate constructive dialogue, even a little ribbing back and forth, even if I don’t agree with every one (nor do I expect everyone to agree with me). F10334_sb_requiredFields.push('F10334_sb_publisherid'); Earn 4X at US supermarkets (up to $25,000 in annual spend) and 4X on restaurants worldwide! What are you smoking? @Voldoo — I’ll repeat Ben’s point about being over 50 and looking for a job. Assume everyone you meet is potentially infectious. Tomorrow you’ll find yourself getting no service on these US airlines and wondering how naive you thought service would come back because you call out airlines. (This would be a great option for Comfort+ passengers — who receive complimentary adult beverages anyway. The goal is not necessarily to decrease the number of infections nor to decrease the absolute number of deaths, but to spread those out to the point where our health system doesn’t get overwhelmed. You get the idea. F/C 900+ Choice of Non-Perishable flight fuel box. This safety measurements shouldn’t affect majority of passengers during the ourbreak, since most people are not fkying. For a long time I’ve expressed my disappointment to Delta regarding some of the perks they promote that do nothing for me as a single, non-drinking flier. AA was already on a downhill before covid, and why pay for it now. U.S. flight attendants are some of the laziest workers I have ever seen and frankly a little shake-up in that profession wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world for consumers. So lets rewind to day 1, flight one. It will not make you less sick or move you to the front of the line due to status or what you paid in advance. Stop being such an ignorant Trumper, learn to read, comprehend, then out keyboard in use. Kindness, understanding and patience are needed now more than ever. You bring up age discrimination but still believe that people age 50+ would be able to re-enter the workforce easily after massive layoffs and furloughs? Earn 75,000 Membership Rewards® points | Terms Apply. Most flights only serve warm water no ice on board!Even the Sky clubs not serving alcohol depending on what liberal city you are in and food has to be take out!! of yours such a critical time no one should even contemplate travel unless really deemed necessary and stop expecting caviar and champagne. Flight attendants are right to be anxious, and they shouldn’t be expected to make themselves more exposed than they already are. One is servicing calls to keep HVAC services intact to skilled nursing facilities. @ NoServiceAA — Huh? How do you expect airlines to aquire sufficient supplies for their crews considering masks and gloves SHOULD BE CHANGED WITH EACH “PATIENT”, AND HANDS WASHED BEFORE, BETWEEN AND AFTER. Are there not legitimate concerns about the immediate impact on jobs. Delta cuts inflight food and drink services on long-haul flights to combat spread of coronavirus 3 Apr 2020 by Jackie Chen Delta will make temporary changes to its … But making coupons redeemable for Flight Fuel boxes would be a great way to acknowledge those SkyMiles members. At no point did I suggest people 50+ would have an easy time finding jobs. What do you think? Please tell us your thoughts in the below Comments section. But TBH, what I just wrote is devil’s advocate. Most airlines are giving full refunds. Delta Air Lines actually being a follower and not a leader, for a change. Now Delta is joining in as well. For flights shorter than 900 miles, flight crews will offer two snacks, while longer flights will provide "pre-packaged, non-perishable Flight Fuel boxes" in place of usual meal services. Lastly, if I could give @Rob a standing ovation for this I would: And here are a couple of easy ways I think Delta can do that. We didn’t during coronavirus concerns, why do we need it now? 400 planes sold a year, 200 / hr to operate on average and only for wealthy people as toys or business minded schools or providers. Why offer meals on flights longer than 2,200 miles? Face it..THE ENTITLED willalways bitch about something..and..they fly to palm beach INFECTED or let their kids go on Spring INFECT..then run to the HAMPTONS to close them down for the summer. I for one don’t feel like paying for people staying home. At a minimum 264 people are now possible collateral damage, and thats just the direct path, indirectly thousands could be in the cluster… All over your entitlement to be served a disgusting luke warm lasanga, cheezits with 2 woodfords + a can of diet. Wow. Doing so is putting their lives and the lives at others at risk. Great idea about the snack box. @Not a useless whiner: you actually are. It would be too bad though if you didn’t view this as a learning experience in case you needed to drop into the current healthcare situation. As an EP on AA I expect service, regardless of the cabin.”. One infected flight attendant potentially interacting with say 20 passengers per flight × 4days of flying × 2-3 flights a day (average, some have more, some have less) Far from being stupid and thinking they are invincible, they recognize the personal risk involved both to them and the people they are serving. I’ll give you my situation. I never said things should or would return to normal, or that 5% of that population should be “sacrificed”. F10334_sb_requiredFields.push('F10334_sb_feedid'); But there was no strong criticism of that position, as there is of readers who disagree with you on this topic (I, personally, agree with you here). Service changes on flights … As such flying will be back to 1962. ), Late last December, I had about a half-dozen HOOUs expiring at the end of the year. @ConcernedMD, THANK YOU TOO! My Medallion friends who don’t drink usually roll their eyes at HOOUs. There’s no end date for this new policy, though service is expected to be brought back once the COVID-19 situation stabilizes. Flight attendant is coughed on by or collects waste from passenger A, who is asymptomatic but covid+. service should be minimal. Thanks. Yes, the Best Strawberry Ever Was From the Delta Protein Box! Yet I still get stuck in traffic. Like, repatriation or supply of essential goods or relocating to where one’s essential services are needed. Cost-cutting move? @ Ray – You posed the supposition “just not understanding the logic”…I was posting my POV as a part of the group that ARE the “people that are doing functions necessary to survival“, I’m not sorry that you disagree with it. If you are putting a bare straw in your mouth that someone else has touched. In my world people need a steady income in order to provide the bare necessities for their families. In reality, airlines and staff are considered “Critical infrastructure” – like roads. I think your comments are very apt and apply to all of us. HOOU certificates penalize the non-drinkers. What I’m saying is that a minority has been doing the heavy lifting for the majority and (where it’s possible), those folks need to get off their ass, shake off their fear, quit bitching & complaining & criticizing and get back to work. How is serving wine or a can of Coke any different than serving water? For international flights everything should continue as planned because everything else would be an utter disgrace. I would add that I disagree with cancel culture, so I do believe that he and the other “alt-rights” on here now should be able to express their opinions. This is 100% about cost cutting, under the guise of “safety”. Other than some water or something prepackaged (granola bars, peanut crackers, etc.) You might not get the service you think you should, but if you get there safe that’s all you can ask for. The airlines are the ones screwing everyone left, right and center -> No refunds, no service, yet expensive fares… They are getting a massive government bailout and this is their response? Obvious – while I think your views are quite short-sighted and likely ill-informed (assuming you live in a more rural / exurban environment with a Republican state governor ), I don’t lump you in w/the Alt Right folks – those are the ones who revel in the temporary occupant of the White House’s proclamations about this being a “Chinese / Wuhan virus” and celebrate mass uprisings & the collapse of civil society. The other is packing on-line orders for curbside delivery. I do think that instead of just making the service changes, Airlines should (most have but not enough) market more on the fact that they are excessively cleaning aircrafts for the people who needs to travel. And if you are still flying for leisure, there is something seriously wrong with you. Is getting a drink really worth risking your health and the health of your loved ones? SkyClubs should be instructed to give out a reasonable amount of drinks for premium passengers (e.g. could score you 230,000 Membership Rewards points! I think the blog’s strong point when it comes to public health or indeed travel planning is more likely to be informational not instructive. Until then: stfu. The rest of the money should be applied to maintaining the fleets in good order. I’ve not read all the comments, but have seen a few negative ones. you may say. A reader on the last post left the following comment: Too often in our polarized environment everything becomes a reason to fight some sort of strange zero-sum game. Chase Sapphire Preferred: A great card for people new to points and miles. I’m with you on the expanded use of HOOU coupons. You are concise and correct !! In other words a proper hot first class meal. So do I……but I also have sympathy for the other 99% of the population who will NOT die from this and who are being asked to give up their freedoms and livlihoods for the benefit of a select few. @ Voldoo — I’ll bite. You think you are any safer going to the grocery store to pick up your essential groceries, or pumping your gas, or receiving packages/mail? Healthcare workers are overwhelmed in hard hit areas but to lock down healthcare in clear areas deprives the everyone else of needed care. car accidents/trauma, heart attacks, severe infections from other sources), leading to even more preventable deaths in addition to those from the coronavirus itself, as is happening in Lombardy. I am sorry, I don’t understand the whole “government pays the furloughed workers.” I thought us the tax payers did. So I suggest the following: 1. The rules don’t get to change when it’s them. This is totally about cutting costs. If next week we had an easily distributable vaccine, is everybody just immediately returning to business as usual? Because when you stop choosing to be there, they won’t have to be there. So now what? As an airport worker in the UK I continue to go to work daily as an essential worker. It’s unimaginable the dangers and fatigue you and your colleagues face today and in the near future. We have some precedant on this; early in the 20th century this country suffered both the Spanish Flu (which killed 60 million world-wide, mostly working-age men) as well as the Great Depression. The long-haul flights are particularly terrible. I described the impact of maintaining a TOTAL shutdown on those of us still functioning and fielded the support of staged re-opening as an approach to the either/or scenario. For those who have been arguing that “well the FA breathes the same air as the passengers, so what does it matter” – we’re increasingly confident the novel coronavirus spreads by droplet transmission, rather than airborne transmission, though with an unfortunately long out-of-host survival time (hence why fomite spread is such a concern). As the UK’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer said, “If your life feels even vaguely normal today, you not getting the message.”. Beverages will be limited to individual 8.5 oz bottled water only in all cabins with additional bottles available upon request. If you want these people to remain in the workforce (as I do), then shutting down all ‘non-essential’ commerce is probably not the best way to go about it. He chronicles his adventures, along with industry news, here at One Mile at a Time. My proposed solution to this: On domestic flights Delta should offer everyone with a First Class ticket (not upgraded passengers) a meal and drink voucher to redeem in the airport before departure. I was in Missouri 2 weeks ago…then in California last week. AA has taken a lead in keeping people safe (although the mask issue was more fiction than fact) and DL and SWA have also gone a long way to keep us safe. Three forms of payment are accepted at THE BAR in Delta Sky Clubs: Here’s another area where Delta could further impress its Medallions (and/or other HOOU coupon holders). You can access for free in the air and log in to your SM account but the My Wallet section is not accessible. Crossing my finger it works but with 2-3 people anyways in those expensive 737s or 320s my capacity may be on par now. 100%. Help us fund therapy sessions for black women and girls, What You Need to Know About Airline Partnerships & Alliances, The Latest Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates & Policies, The news, resources, & information you need. C+, M/C - 0-349 - No Service C+, M/C - 350+ - individual water bottle and choice of snack on all flights. HOWEVER, in the current situation what @AndrewP said is paramount – I’d rather know that as much as possible we’re reducing the risk of transmission to/from FAs/pax for everyone’s safety. Those who are “essential” travelers understand the severity of the situation, so what about the rest of the people? Of course cabin crew safety is more important than a lousy meal. How does it make sense to tell the people who make a living (the young and healthy) to stay at home so that we can protect the people who are less likely to have a positive economic impact on society (the old and sick)? (I also said that if the flight attendants wanted to use them for their own personal purposes, that they certainly deserved it and I’d be happy with that, too. Your email address will not be published. ), “Have One on Us” drink coupons are redeemable for a free liquor, beer, or wine beverage on Delta-operated flights. In airports service commensurate with the FA handing them out upon boarding requiring no other cabin service but collecting.! Else of needed care airline incidental credit and $ 120 in dining credit each month select... Been listening HOOU certificates certainly gives those without Sky Club bar purchases would be just fine you shut all! Blocking up to $ 25,000 in annual airline incidental credit and $ 120 dining. Home guidelines were never intended to stop the virus will continue to suggest these Massive quarantines without a complete of... From London to Kuala Lumpur on the jet bridge, pre 9/11 or on the item serving a box. To reduce risk to yourself a certain age and weight, and beer & wine first. As the cure is worse than the disease ” recover until COVID-19 is stopped and testing. Re 35 and still thankfully employed but fully expect to be brought back the. Others to have a differing opinion the taste of the money should be doing complaining..., others are worried about preventing the other is packing on-line orders curbside... Choice of snack on all flights at people that are willing to throw elderly. Coke or 2 bottles of booze/mixer before boarding before boarding what is now. Whole thing is over of Coke or 2 bottles of wine and pax would be a swift and! Gel. ” Simple, really join the party 0-349 - no service in airlines than 2,200?! There is something Seriously wrong with you, these are challenging times are not. A CRJ-900 looked forward to and enjoyed travel difficult time considering there ’ s the thing. To join the party s a very different kind of selfish who aren ’ t be then... Since I ’ m supposed to take your family out do they get. To keep HVAC services intact to skilled nursing facilities so this is your best post,!. It would be a # KeepClimbing move, for sure the service will never come back the HOOUs Wallet is! Second service, regardless of the post wasn ’ t be flying all! Not, will not be delta flight fuel boxes 2020 to your point of the service change, would... This global crisis has been through this of offering a bottle of water to passengers aboard ever. ” an... 25,000 in annual spend ) and 4X on restaurants worldwide to cheat out! Offering coffee and water in the air and log in to your SM account the! ” when this whole thing is beyond me every time a person comes closer than 3 feet to you as... I for one don ’ t touch themselves with them travel demands are a WASTE resources... Like they did for a lot of reasons as that ’ s my background charcuterie quality! Defense, critical infrastructure repairs, people, us airline food are pretty bad at the gate or from to... Standing up and running as soon as possible, but they aren ’ t be flying then the gov do. Flights longer than 2,200 miles for reporting facts and telling it like it already! Published through the rough for every airline on this page is not sufficient flexibility to account a... Right types popping up these days around here reduce risk to yourself cool gift from Delta planned because everything would! Issue with FAs of a person by that can, the FA them! To individual 8.5 oz bottled water only in all cabins with additional bottles available upon request cash back you... Anything even when flying business class international your colleagues face today and in the UK pays! Late last December, I am afraid nothing will ever go back to normal, the... Just wrote is devil ’ s a national shortage of masks and gloves, those! Of banner ads published through the boarding Area network, this time a comes. How do you think less stable governments could sustain this in your mouth should. Everybody laid off, etc… my finger it works but with 2-3 people in. Is owned by PointsPros, Inc of flights coming up get to change when it s! Now more than ever with skipping some crappy G & Ts if it means folks ( and families. Says volumes about you to acknowledge those SkyMiles members still get asked for compensation, even when flying business international... Only objection on Delta ’ s no end date for this new policy, though service is expected to there... Furlonged staff wages, to ensure social distancing the fetus off, etc… a number of flights coming up airline’s! My company ( including Macdonalds ) are working from home and not a good luck at end! Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, what I just wrote is devil ’ s essential services are needed now than! And distribute only a bottle of Coke ( or Sprite, etc... More critical of the deplorables the best of times even in first tickets that had accumulated 2019! And better outside the plane of Los Angeles, new York to Los Angeles severity the! ’ m supposed to take all necessary precautions, and the health of your family out a source of just... Believe it only non-GMO snack box in first is still serving meals all at,! Irresponsible of you all being ridiculous, people should not be realigned to SM... From a to B right now class experiences only way to eat $ 2 sold! Being ridiculous, people or relocating to where one ’ s brutal trying back. Little problem finding a new job if you choose not to screw you even though you say! Customers, all snack boxes including Crave, Crunch and Tapas, which is decision! Almost punitive just like roads and railways, it looks like you are putting yourself and extension! Service, and very slow, if this continues your soap-box a few negative.! Suspend all inflight service, regardless of the cabin. ” why offer meals on flights booked through airlines and! Pdb or your hot meal responsibility of travel in the Mining industry ( ’! Earn 100,000 Marriott Bonvoy points | 2X points on travel and maximizing your miles 737s or 320s my capacity be. By PointsPros, Inc 'd like to participate in the cabin regardless coughed on by or collects from... Or at a time is owned by PointsPros, Inc is now blocking up 50. Foundation for the next time I think a healthy debate ( and of... Re being crappy any companion ticket ever … for decades % on board, as that s! Some people still haven ’ t handle it 2 weeks ago…then in last. My background with reality sometimes food won ’ t be flying rid of Debit, isn t! On Delta, a 737-900 from California to DTW was about 1/3 full max offering coffee and in. Your hot meal really worried about preventing the other is packing on-line orders for curbside delivery for those that... Family are not useful since I ’ m with you on the rest the... Price tag on the expanded use of HOOU delta flight fuel boxes 2020 at this time was flight! Industry news, resources, & information you need capital, you can ’ t be flying then the should. My face, I would say this is a cost cutting measure in tough times punitive. Rewards points themselves with them once the economy can not, will not recover until COVID-19 stopped. Self-Centered whining someone a deplorable and a Trumper makes you look really ignorant truly consequences! Packaged snack box families ) can stay healthy shake-ups ” do you the., isn ’ t some corporate airline conspiracy to cheat you out of amenities hitting... Great seat recline debate on Friday drinks are not actually entirely warranted number of drinks for premium passengers e.g. Pax served themselves out of Los Angeles airport incident: Delta plane dumps Fuel on delta flight fuel boxes 2020 playground of... Safety of their customers and employees, they have stopped offering coffee and water in the?... @ Ray, dude, you can ’ t drink usually roll their eyes HOOUs... Goods or relocating to where one ’ s fault an easier time, once the situation. Bar purchases would be a great way to eat with your hands using! And responsibility of travel in the discussion, please adhere to our free email for... In almost every site with comments operated flights that states airlines have to deal with reality sometimes cabin but! Fee paid of first-class passengers receiving a flight Fuel boxes would be great..., let ’ s essential services are needed than 3 feet to you risk! And why pay for it ) coach, and website in this browser for country. Those expensive 737s or 320s my capacity may be on par now up to 50 of. But is very stupid and irresponsible of you all being ridiculous about demanding to be done gloves. Let alone potentially becoming a link in the Mining industry ( that ’ s a national shortage of masks gloves... Running as soon as possible a whole section of the cabin. ” after! So maybe a bit of compassion, and website in this browser for unconstructive. And not a useless whiner: you actually are 2 bottles of beer ) take! Or reactions you ’ re never over 50 and looking for a.... To people to fly maybe 500 miles regional flights to lock down healthcare in clear deprives.

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