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January 24, 2020. April 18, 2019. November 4, 2019 +1 for withings body cardio. Withings says this design means it works just as well on any surface, from a hard floor to a carpet. Withings user . To repair your Withings Body Cardio, use our service manual. Withings Smart Body Analyzer Pressure Sensor Replacement. Syncing Withings (Nokia) Scale Data to Lose It! This may not exactly be a SmartThings issue, but I have spent hours working with Withings and it is definitely related to SmartThings. Body Cardio is a Wi-Fi connected scale that pairs … Surely, to know the weight is one important thing. : Weight, Body Fat (Premium-only) If one of these isn't working, follow these steps: 1. Withings user. Thank you for choosing Smart Body Scale Congratulations on your purchase! It can also show your steps from the previous day if you’ve been using a Withings activity tracker or Health Mate’s built-in activity tracking feature and you activate this screen. Best digital thermometer overall. Discover our award-winning smart scales, hybrid smartwatches & … 0 Reply. In this time of concern about the Covid-19 virus being able to take a temperature easily and keep trace of it on your phone for each family member is a handy thing. Withings Body + (Body Composition Scale) Withings Body + is the next-generation smart scale from Withings that uses new technology for more accurate weight readings. Make sure the metallic contacts of the battery compartment are touching the batteries and that they are not dirty or corroded. 2-3 days after I installed SmartThings hub it wasn’t connecting. Withings Body. Withings also makes a $59 version of its smart scale called the Withings Body. J. John Fruehe last edited by . Note that this community is supported by its members, not the Withings Support Team. Yes. @svenj. After my Fitbit and Withings scale fell apart last August, the search for a new set started. It's a bit pricey, but worth every penny. Beside allowing you to install your scale, the Withings Health Mate® app allows you to customize its display, to set a weight goal, and to check the entire history of your weight data. Open Lose It! RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale. If your scale has a QR code on the bottom of the scale or if the packaging states “iHealth Vista”, then it is a Vista (HS5S). Released in February 2014, the Withings Smart Body Analyzer is an advanced scale that can measure and record your weight, fat composition, heart rate and environmental data. Tech Spy Magazine. This article will help you if you encounter any of the following issues : - The. Use this article if data isn't syncing nicely between Lose It! Withings Smart Scale, Smart Watch, Contactless Thermometer and more for 20% OFF; So, with that said, let us get right into it! March 29, 2020. 1 Reply Last reply . 2. The Thermo by @withings is super handy and it… Withings user. Our Withings WiFi scale has been sitting on our bathroom floor getting daily use for almost a decade. Withings Body Cardio Scale is less than an inch thick and with a solid aluminum base, Body Cardio has no feet to adjust, making it the thinnest, most stable scale available. The following data syncs from Withings (Nokia) Scale to Lose It! Smart Body Analyzer. Long-term useful: Withings thermo and body scale. Scale Drastically Misreading Measurements. Yes, the Withings Smart Body Analyzer WS-50 ($149.95 direct) is a scale that can tweet your weight. Withings user . 1 Reply Last reply . It sent data to the cloud for ~20 days. WS-50 scales pdf manual download. Withings Body Cardio Scale Review. Page 12 12. and Withings (Nokia) Scale. Smart Scales by Withings. I charge like every 6 months or so. When you use the Body Cardio smart scale, it automatically syncs up the measurements with the app. Gadgets & Wearables. Activating the mode will also recommend you turn off certain settings — like body composition — that may not be accurate for pregnant women. Wireless Body Scale Manual Part 2 details for FCC ID XNAWBS01 made by Withings. Body Cardio . Page 11 It may take up to a minute for your scale to be detected by your mobile device. The Withings app can seamlessly integrate with the Apple Health app, and the same goes for all of our picks on this list. 2. Withings user. Document Includes User Manual Manual Part 2. If you need assistance because of an issue which would not be resolved through troubleshooting, such as a product with physical damage, please contact our Support Team. @szeleitamas. No need to manually key in your weight or BMI details. Let’s cut to the chase right away. Withings smart body analyzer troubleshooting Using incorrect batteries may be underlying cause. I have probably exchanged 10-15 emails with Whitings customer service. Intended Use: Withings Smart Body Scale is a digital monitor intended for use in measuring weight and body fat mass in generally healthy adults 18 years of age or older. The scale may have just been moved. Scales produced by Withings are our pick of the bunch. TopTenReviews. Withings/Nokia Body Cardio – Heart Health & Body Composition Digital Wi-Fi Scale with smartphone app Visit the Withings Store 4.4 out of 5 stars 2,664 ratings Erika Rawes. All of measuring weight and body fat mass in generally healthy adults 18 years of age your measurements will be available in your personal web dashboard. After researching numerous options, I settled on the RENPHO body fat scale for four reasons: Cost; The number of measurements – 13; Connection to the Fitbit AP; Bluetooth connection; When I purchased this scale, it was under $30. March 29, 2020. November 4, 2019 +1 for withings body cardio. Definitely helps with measuring your progress despite seeing the same weight on the scale. Scales Withings Body Cardio Installation And Operating Instructions Manual (63 pages) ... potential is achieved when you use it along with the Withings Health Mate® app. The scale will display weight, BMI, body composition (muscle and bone mass plus body fat and total water percentage), and a local weather report (if connected through a Wi-Fi network). Add Comment. Never once has it fallen off the network, required a hard reset, or failed to turn on. Nokia and Withings created this highly durable smart bathroom scale, one that comes with an aesthetic look, and thin build for easy storage. They give you up to 300 lbs of weight capacity, which is significantly lower than the competition. Health Details: The HS5 and the Vista Wireless Body Analysis Scales look identical, but are 2 separate models. I charge like every 6 months or so. Contents. You can pick up the BodyCardio Wi-Fi Smart Scale at 20% off for $119.96. Definitely helps with measuring your progress despite seeing the same weight on the scale. View and Download Withings WS-50 quick installation manual online. For assistance replacing them, see the pressure sensor replacement guide. Step 1 Opening the scale Opening up the scale was not an easy task – there was a lot of double-sided tape involved. P. Peter Skopa last edited by @Flynn Einhorn. AskYourFitnessQuestion. I bought a Withings scale WS-30. Troubleshooting Withing Body Scale (Nokia) issues Withing Body Scale (Nokia) issues ... @flynn-einhorn Yes I have teh body scale and amplifi but connection is rock solid. Since 2008, Withings has built a range of award-winning products across the health spectrum including activity trackers (Withings Pulse and Activité), the Wi-Fi scale and health station (Body Cardio), the Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor, the security camera with air quality sensors (Withings Home) and an advanced sleep system (Withings Aura). @flynn-einhorn seems like nokia issue more then a amplify issue. If you are looking to buy the best body scale, look no further than Withings. It is intended for use in the home/domestic setting only. About once a year it politely asks for new batteries and it still looks great. Coming from one of the top fitness brands in the world, Withings Body is a very popular product in this segment. The Withings Body Scale has a couple of appealing features. Page 1 Getting started Withings connected scale This product is not suitable for people with a Pacemaker or other cardiac stimulator. 0 Reply. Tech Spy Magazine. The Withings scale data must be considered purely as reference values and not as a medical opinion. Support Wireless Body Analysis Scale HS5 - iHealth . Editors choice. It's a bit pricey, but worth every penny. Withings invented the smart scales, and today the brand is known globally for award-winning design and durable, innovative, easy-to-use digital scales that help people reach their healthy weight goals. The scale is paired with a health mate application so this information can be accessed on any device that supports it. Page 2: Any Questions Does the Withings Scale Work with Apple Health? With the Withings connected scale, you are Intended Use: Withings Smart Body Scale is a digital monitor intended for use in going to control your fitness over the long-term, by simplifying your life. Withings user @Mkosboth. FYI You can also activate Pregnancy Tracker if you do not own a Withings or Nokia scale, but you won’t enjoy the effortless tracking, and will need to enter your weights manually. Every piece of collected data comes … Marko Maslakovic. They look great and do the job extremely well. Withings (formerly Nokia Health) health ecosystem of connected devices & apps is designed to improve daily wellbeing and long-term health. 5 Comments . When it comes to just weight metrics, most scales are generally not going to deviate by a lot. If your Withings Body Cardio is not displayed in the list, go to the Bluetooth settings of your device and pair it from there. I also use a Withings scale (I think I've had it 4 years now?) The Company also provides a simpler smart scale called Body+ which is being offered for $79.96. FYI&K (& Knowledge) My scale … The native app for the scale, Health Mate, is pretty comprehensive, but it is compatible with MyFitnessPal, able to sync all the data across. Tap Scales. Can Body Fat Scales be Wrong? March 18, 2020. If none of the above troubleshooting recommendations find the source of the issue of the scale misreading measurements, it is likely that the pressure sensors are faulty and will need to be replaced. October 7, 2020. If you fall under that limit, you’ll be able to use the full-fledged app to track your information and biometrics with ease. Withings user. @szeleitamas.

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