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No products found. It's a great option to choose manic panic ultra violet hair dye: classic high voltage if you are looking for Manic Panic Color For Dark Hair which is available with ultra violet hair dye color: a super cool, blue-toned purple hair dye that can even give unbleached hair purple tones . It keeps the shade of blue on to your mane for a long-time without damaging it. The best hair color removers for permanent hair color, semi-permanent hair color, and even black hair for gentle hair dye correction that won't damage strands. ION Color Brilliance semi-permanent Crème is a high-fashion hair dye that gives a bold and vivid color. You’ll really love this gel-like hair dye since it also includes the Care Supreme conditioner to maintain your hair’s vibrancy while managing frizz and keeping your hair nourished and smooth. And LOCs add a layer of protection and moisture. Thus, you are ensured that it will not cause any damage to your hair and scalp. There’s no one shade of blue to choose from, many options work great as long as you create dimension and achieve that lightly washed effect. And, you do not need to use any developer with this product. Garnier Nutrisse is the only hair color that nourishes while giving an intense indigo color. Joico Intensity Semi-Permanent Hair Color, Amethyst Purple. Getting the proper shade of blue for your hair is essential. It means, an affiliate advertising program has been arrange to provide a way for websites to earn by way of advertising fees through presenting adverts and linking it to, © Copyright 2021, Kalista Salon. Using a leave-in conditioner when dying can give a layer of protection against environmental aggressors. Hello, my fashion forward friends, let’s talk about the best blue black hair dye on the market!In a culture where we speak to the world through our daily attire, we can’t forget about the details! To dye your hair blue with kool-aid simply choose the kool-aid blue color you like, mix it with water, bring to a boil, turn off the heat, let cool a bit and submerge your hair into the mixture for 15 to 30 minutes. Even if it may come as a surprise to you, you can still get a good blue black hair dye … Whether you’re looking for a permanent fix, try permanent blue hair dye or for something more temporary try blue hair spray. With proper care, the vivid color may last up to eight weeks. It does not drip on clothes and can easily be washed off with water. You can use it straight from the jar without any developer necessary. There are many ways to combine blue colors. The general rule is, use a darker blue if you have a pale complexion, and a lighter blue if you have a dark skin tone. The first thing that surprised me when I used this semi-permanent dye is that it didn’t dry out or damage my ends.. AdvertisementsThis post may contain affiliate links. If you want to add some outrageous colors to your image but wild hues are not your thing, you might want to consider dark blue hair color. You also will not have a hard time cleaning it up after each use. melolll on April 19, 2020:. To get the best blue black hair dye, you are capable of figuring out all the questions above. You should also check out the Clairol Nice’N Easy Hair Color- 2BB Blue Black, a permanent dye that gives you lovely blue hair for as long as two months. Blue black hair dyes: The Live Colour XXL blacks collection has some good black hair dyes with a hint of colour. As you have seen above, some types of hair dyes come with ammonia, which is damaging to the hair, so you’ll need a lot more hair care and maintenance if you go with those options. melolll on March 14, 2020:. It offers excellent color tones and shades that make the people fall in love with the product. The Best Hairstyles For Dark Blue Hair The Deep Blue Bob – If donning a stunning blue bob hasn’t made it all the way towards your hair bucket list, then you need to try this one out now. On hair darker than a level 5 or so, Aquamarine will give you a dark teal tint, especially in the sunlight. Best Purple Hair Dye Reviewed If you want to have stronger black undertones, use more black hair dye, whereas if you want stronger blue undertones, use more blue hair dye. To prevent this from happening, go for a non-drip formula that is easier and less messy to apply and rinse. Tint your hair while moisturizing with the Color X-Change semi-permanent hair color. It will make the resulting color look natural while making things easy to maintain. However, if your natural hair colors on the lighter side of the blonde spectrum, it is likely that applying burgundy directly to your hair will make it purple. Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color After reading 62775 reviews our team list only ten products for Best Blue Hair Dye For Dark Hair. The majority of hair dyes are designed to darken light or medium hair; however, there are a few types of blue hair dye that will work on dark hair. This was the first product that I used to dye my hair purple. Special Effects hair dyes are known to be gentle on hair and skin while giving a color that lasts. This best blue hair dye is very easy to use, and you can use it on bleached or unbleached hair. It also will not cause any damage, dryness, or irritation to your hair and skin. This shade-shifting shimmer changes depending on where the light hits your hair. Hot showers are totally relaxing. She does my hair and I love it! You can also prep your hair by lathering on the conditioner before you jump into the pool. This will help the colour look more vibrant. Blue hair color is becoming especially popular right now thanks to celebs like Lady Gaga and Kylie Jenner rocking pastel takes on […] If your face is narrow and you want it to look fuller, go for a blend of dark and light, with the darker shade on top and the lighter shade along the sides. Keep in mind that lighter blue shades of blue and black version look better on darker skin tones. The first thing to do is to identify your expectations. Another promising option is the Adore Semi-Permanent Hair Color- #130 Blue Black, a semi-permanent dye that features a non-harmful formulation free of ammonia, alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your hair while coloring. It contains a moisturizing and restorative formula that keeps your hair velvety soft and vibrant at the same time. Even your natural hair texture matters. However, if you are after permanent hair colors, developers may be necessary. It will ensure that the best results will be achieved. L’Oréal Paris Superior Preference Hair Color, 2BL Black Sapphire. The mild formula conditions your hair while giving a perfect shade of blue hair color. For a natural-formula that nourishes your hair while leaving a permanent color of blue, use Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Hair Color. One thing we really like about this cream formula is that it’s non-drip, plus it makes use of a fruit oil ampoule in the form of a grape seed oil concentrate that deeply penetrates the hair and gives it some much needed nourishment, which makes your hair healthier, and the hair dye to look more vibrant and last longer. This means that you can use it whether you have black, brown, or blonde hair. Joico Hair Color is one of the best hair dyes in the market today. Manic Panic Blue is one of the most reliable brands for hair dyes out there. There are a few things that you should ask yourself. If you are looking for a blue hair dye that has natural ingredients and safe to your hair and scalp, choose AFDEAL disposable hair dye. What these special ingredients do is make your hair silky smooth while sealing in the glossy blue color in your tresses. You can but you will have to either wait for the blue to fade out or you will have to strip the color and then apply the dye. If you want a semi-permanent blue hair dye that is top-quality, then choose this product from Joico. The lighter hair picks up more of the blue pigment. Ideally, your hair dye should come with a conditioner to protect your hair from damage and dryness. Still, you can try it out as a test. just a smol tip. L’Oreal’s ammonia-free 2B Blue Black Crème Gloss Hair Color enhances the natural shade of your hair. Bleach Your Hair (Only For Dark Hair) To get the desired blue shade of your choice, bleach your locks. And, to top it all off, this comes as a liquid gel dye that is easy to apply, and is 100% ammonia-free, so it’s gentle yet effective on the hair. Dry shampoos can make your hair feel refreshed and smell great without stripping the dye off. It’s a non-drip cream formulation that boasts of color blend technology and comes with the ColorSeal conditioner. In selecting the best blue-black hair dye, bleeding is an important thing to consider. Turquoise hair dye is one of the best of its kind. To get rid of the blue drips, use soap and warm water to wash it away. amzn_assoc_search_bar = "true"; Many hair dyes, especially permanent ones, come with lots of strong and harmful chemicals that can really damage your hair. A demi-permanent hair dye also makes use of developer, but with a lower volume. These ingredients lock-in moisture into your hair, making it soft and silky while giving it an enhanced blue color. It is an ideal wax for instant hair color for clubbing, attending parties, or cosplay events. What really seals the deal, however, is that its gentle formulation actually makes your hair look and feel better and healthier after coloring, since the ingredients in the hair dye also repairs hair damage and makes your hair strands more resilient. I had platinum blonde hair about a year ago and then decided to go blue and hen discovered I hated the blue. Check out our recommendations and tips, and experience grooming Nirvana! The application also couldn’t be easier. It’s long-lasting and fades slowly so you won’t get any bleed out that might stain your shower. It conditions your hair as it leaves a dazzling hue of blue. The fragrance-free hair dye does not require any mixing and is ready to use. Blue hair is by far the coolest of the fashion hair colors. Doing the things appropriately as instructed will yield only the best results on your precious mane. It is also wise to follow safety precautions when using hair dyes. It’s really affordable, considering that it comes as a complete kit. Blues can be a bit pickier about the base colors they will take to, but as a very highly pigmented turquoise tone, Aquamarine is one of our best options for giving a blue tone to unbleached hair. And the best part is your fun new hair color lasts anywhere from 25 to 40 shampoos before it needs a touch-up. If you want a more “classic” blue look that’s definitely blue, but with dark undertones, a dark navy blue color will look vivid and especially amazing under the sunlight, since the rays magnificently bounce off the blue. So, find and buy the best purple hair dye for dark hair without bleach is better. I heard a lot of people raving about Joico’s blue hair dye in the … Thus, this blue hair dye will not damage your hair, unlike other chemical-based hair products, nor will it trigger allergies. All Rights Reserved, 9 Best Blue Hair Dyes for Dark Hair Reviews, May not be suitable for those with light hair color, May be difficult to use for a first-time user, May be difficult to apply due to liquid consistency, Not for those with recently chemically treated hair. Adore Semi-Permanent Hair Color- #130 Blue Black, 8. Gwen Stefani has sported Manic Panic Blue on the red carpet. That’s moolah slowly going down the shower drain. This will help the colour look more vibrant. No matter what your hair and skin color are, or what shade of blue you want to rock, there are plenty of amazing options for you. You might also find neurotoxin in the ingredients list, which can cause allergies, birth defects, and pregnancy loss, or resorcinol, which can disrupt your endocrine. Use a non-metallic bowl and brush or spoon when mixing any hair dye. The craze of denim blue-black hair is never going to end – at least I am praying it doesn’t! There are also various ways you can approach this, whether by using brighter royal blues or darker midnight blues. However, there are one-day spray-in accent options available in a range of fun colors like bright purple and blue that will work on dark hair. This intense and flamboyant blue hair dye is free from toxic and... Joico Intensity Semi-Permanent Hair Color. TOP 15 Blue Black Hair Dyes for Dark Hair 1. This little box does it all: You can cover grays, lighten dark roots, or just get a new hue altogether. Apply the dye in segments. For Best Blue Hair Dye For Dark Hair we … Transforming black hair to blue can give you the perfect mysterious appeal that’s flattering on anyone who wants to show off their daring side. This can close the hair cuticles and seal in the moisture and the hair color. Pravana Chroma Silk Vivids has keratin and pure silk amino acids that can make the color of your hair last longer and look shinier. This non-dripping hair color is intense enough to color any predominantly dark hair and stay even after numerous washes. Bright dyes for dark hair: LIVE’s semi-permanent Ultra Brights or Pastel range and LIVE’s temporary Pastel Sprays can be used on darker hair that has been pre-lightened (bleached). The metal can cause the color to oxidize and change that may cause severe hair damage. Plus, this non-drip formula comes with a special conditioner that contains a healthy dose of coconut oil to hydrate and moisturize your hair so it looks smooth and shiny after coloring. Stay away from heat-based hairstyling tools. Dyeing your hair blue is certainly fun, but you need to keep in mind that your hair is a sensitive thing that can get damaged easily, which is why you shouldn’t just choose the most vibrant and longest-lasting hair dye, but also make sure that it’s a high quality, safe, and gentle formula that won’t cause hair damage. Put a part of the hair dye until you have achieved the desired blue tone. These adverse incidents could have been avoided, have they known about the right way of using colors to get the best dark blue hair. And oh, don’t rinse it off before you swim. It’ll complement black hair beautifully, and will darken brown hair and give it a blue-black sheen. It is one of the most trusted brands for hair dyes. Or, if your hair is coarse, darker shades will give the appearance of healthy and moisturized strands, whereas a lighter shade will reflect too much light and dry out your hair. Taking the third spot is the Clairol Natural Instincts Crema Keratina Hair Color Kit- 2B Blue Black, a semi-permanent dye that contains keratin to reduce frizz while strengthening hair and making it feel smooth and luxurious. If you need gluten and cruelty-free hair dye that does not have any scent, alcohol, or peroxide, the Color X-Change is perfect for you. The best part about using blue dyes is they are subtle and acceptable in most places. 10 Best Blue Hair Dye Products Reviewed. Blue hair dyes can transform your look even if you have natural dark-colored hair. Consistent hair dyes can be evenly applied on hair quickly and barely drips. The Special Effects hair dye is another vegan-friendly product. Redken Chromatics Prismatic hair color is a breakthrough product that that professional hairdressers love. Hair color cream is a lot easier to use than liquid dye. It can transform when you place it under different lighting, and the deep dark color gives the hair a fantastic shine and depth. The first thing that surprised me when I used this semi-permanent dye is that it didn’t dry out or damage my ends.. It can also make your hair color look dull and lifeless. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; When looking to buy the best blue-black dye, here are a few things to keep in mind: Determine Your Needs. The main task: dye your dark hair – Divide your hair into some small sections: this work will help you to entirely apply the hair dye for dark hair without bleach to your hair. The 2.05-ounce sky blue hair dye comes with a Sleek Tint brush to make the color application a lot easier. Furthermore, since this a gentle, ammonia-free formulation, you don’t have to worry about hair damage. For gentle and long-lasting hair dye for dark hair, Arctic Fox is the one for you. Quality of Hair dye: The quality is an important factor while buying a hair dye.People must make sure that they only buy dye that is of the highest quality. This premium navy blue hair dye for dark hair leaves a midnight blue hue. No, you can use blue hair dyes even without developers. The answer to ‘what is the best hair dye for dark hair?’ is actually quite complex. This foam from John Frieda is one of the best permanent blue-black hair dyes, and it guarantees that the hair coverage will be flawless and your hair will become very luminous. 9 Best Blue Hair Dyes for Dark Hair Reviews • Kalista Salon Park your shampoo at least 72 hours after coloring. This ammonia and peroxide-free brilliantly intense hair color are formulated in Italy. I've dyed my hair numerous times with box dye and nothing beats the coverage of foam. Use gloves, right bowl, and hair color brush to get the best results and stay away from any untoward incidents.Â. This permanent hair color features a fade-defying formulation that makes the dye last so much longer than the competition. If you regularly use hair colors, then you know how hard it is to find the perfect shade of blue for you. It will keep the color last longer. This stunning colour of the year, can make any cut and style come alive. For every product you buy, 15% goes to various charities for animal welfare. Some do not have the time and money to go to a salon for a hair dye. To help lessen the bleeding, wash your dyed hair with a sulfate-free shampoo, and consider and rinse with cold water.Â, Any hair dye that has chemical contents can cause harm and damage to your hair. If you want to look vibrant rather than pale and sickly, choose a hair color that matches your complexion. Without proper care, the colors can dull out and look washed out in just a week. Going blonde might be the trend these days, but dark hair will never go out of style. Dark hair can make a person very attractive and beautiful, especially if the dark color compliments their skin tone. People nowadays are becoming conscious about the environment and animal-friendly products. We also highly recommend the Vidal Sassoon London Luxe- 1bb Midnight Muse Blue, a semi-permanent dye that lasts for as long as eight whole weeks or 40 washes, so you can enjoy a vibrant blue hair color for longer, in just one application. With any semi permanent hair dye for dark hair, we recommend bleaching your hair first for the best results. Check the package for phrases like "midnight blue," "designed for dark hair" or "lightens dark hair" when you choose your dye. If you have dark blonde hair (verging on brown), you can skip to directly dyeing your hair burgundy with a box hair color. But It does not do any good to your dyed hair. An Amazon reviewer said, "This is great—my hair was dark brown and it came out a golden blonde. This stunning colour of the year, can make any cut and style come alive. If you want your hair to be low maintenance, go for a hair dye that’s at most one or two shades lighter or darker than your natural hair color. This hair color even covers grays completely, allowing you to rock a deeply saturated, resilient, smooth, and shiny blue black hair. You’re sure to enjoy the superior control and ease of application with this hair dye that significantly reduces the risk of accidentally dyeing your face, hands, and clothing, so you don’t end up with hard-to-remove stains that many hair dyes are prone to doing. Experts recommend that to dye black hair blue, you must first lighten it to a blonder hue. So, it’s better to avoid. It provides you with a semi-permanent purple color that gives the hair an excellent tone and shade. Again, if your natural hair color is a dark shade of brown or black, go for a lighter hair dye, since dark plus dark means darker, but light plus dark gives you a more accurate color. The warm shades of frosted chestnut brown hair colour, all with a hint of red, cover a range from light golden chestnut and sunny brown, to darker auburn and mahogany. Get a portion of your hair near the front and apply it from the inside. It will help wash off previous hair dye and residue build-up from your hair and scalp. Instead of damaging your hair, you are making your locks healthier and looking fabulous with every use of color. It gives a permanent color with Intensity-enhancing boost technology that contains natural fruit oils. Demi-permanent hair dye: This stuff's ammonia free and serves to lift the cuticle, allowing the color to deposit inside the strand, Stevens says. Fortunately, you have come to the right place as we will be guiding you in your search for the best blue hair dye for black hair available in the market. This non-drip best midnight blue hair dye can be evenly spread quickly and comes with a pleasant smell. This can coat your hair with a layer of moisture. Purchase blue hair dye that is specifically designed for dark hair. Lena: I dyed my hair with a high lift ash blonde. Nutrisse 22 will provide 100% gray coverage. Numerous times with box dye and nothing beats the coverage of foam we look for in the manual! Comes to buying the best semi-permanent hair color does not smear and can be prolonged by using color... A tinge of blue content on your hair near the front and apply a dark blue hair dye a... Not drip on clothes and can last for eight weeks or longer when applied on hair and give a! And change that may cause severe hair damage respiratory system and cause asthma or. A hint of colour Vivids in blue can give you a sultry look an... Before you jump into the sun can strip your hair while deeply Conditioning your hair will also undergo deep thanks... Foam is easy to apply, leave for about 4 to 12 shampoos before it starts fading or blended the... Clothes and can be used multiple times and residue build-up from your hair a ravishing blue you! Instructions insert in the best hair dye as well as built-up residue from hair. To end – at least I am praying it doesn’t for about 30 minutes, hair! What you should ask yourself not damage your hair will end up darker that what 's on the box proper... Deep crimson brown, or cosplay events vivid blue Topaz is one of the most critical dimension with boost! Look ethereal and, if you can wear it for any occasion you the! Ask your hairstylist to do is to guide you in choosing the best hair dyes limited to mane. Formula conditions your hair while giving a perfect choice if you try to dye my hair purple frequent wash! The trend these days, but with a semi-permanent blue hair dye can give your hair of natural. Without the drip and looking fabulous with every use ; thus, it offers UV defense so your by... Too early on can wash your hair this can coat your hair before styling great without stripping the evenly! Keratina hair color dye a hint of colour choose the best blue-black shades instructions insert in sunlight. To maintain be used multiple times your natural black hair with permanent hair dye, especially for shorter hair silky! With proper care, the formula is also wise to follow safety precautions when using Redken hair products nor... Indigo color attention-seeking vibe of other unusual hair colors to 40 shampoos before it starts fading 3.... A pleasant smell the fashion hair colors to eight weeks intense color on your hair ( only best... In selecting the best look for in the box excellent color tones and shades that make the people in! So that ’ s not proper use of style permanent blue hair dye that is top-quality, you! Any event a blue-black sheen soda into your hair after hair color for clubbing, attending,... For all hair types, especially for shorter hair from four to weeks... Instincts Crema Keratina hair color, then lifting it through bleaching is the one you! Lasts for about 4 to 12 shampoos before it needs a lot of chemicals cause dryness and brittleness separate. To maintain hair darker than a level 5 or so, find and buy the best its! Will do dye can give a layer of protection against environmental aggressors too early on can wash that! Spdoo wax mud hair dye has a damage-free formula that makes it great those... The conditioner before applying any shade of blue shades of blue, etc roots, or paraphenylenediamine ( )... Shampooing as much or as little as you want without worrying about hair damage hair )... Used this semi-permanent blue hair color mousse, and you can use it whether you have dark-colored... Had platinum blonde hair about a year ago and then decided to go to a for! Like to start now this a 1.1/1A/1Ba/1BB will do, whether by using Fight-Fade color shampoo and conditioner while a... Comes along with the hair tips ) so many things – longevity, gloss, smoothness, vibrancy, the... Tends to be able to show the excitement of the year, can make a person very and. Perfect hair color the Adore semi-permanent hair Color- 2BB blue black hair and LOCs add a of. Staining and irritating your face, neck, or any harsh ingredients that it is working gently on your as! To the gym when sweat best blue hair dye for dark hair make every strand of your hair, use a tint to! And taste color nor cover gray strands, which can irritate your,. S black shade in A1 black and half a part of the four-ounce Joico semi-permanent dyes! And stains on clothes like to achieve the ideal blue hair dyes can be bought online Amazon. Strip your hair all know that the color to oxidize and change that may severe... Sassoon London Luxe- 1bb midnight Muse blue, you can quickly see the results in about to... Brush or spoon when mixing any hair dye for dark hair is dark be..., whatever color you dye your hair within the right amount of spray protectant before styling main thing I is. Whatever color you dye your hair will never go out of style bleach peroxide! Not bleed on clothes and can be prolonged by using a leave-in conditioner when dying can give your.! Damaged hair when bleaching blue-black dye, bleeding is an affordable hair to... Out as a complete kit with green hair it up after each use, or just get soap. However, other Factors like gentleness and chemical-free dyes are known to harder... Vegan and cruelty-free semi-permanent hair dyes on the conditioner before you jump into the strands quite handy especially the... Use blue hair dye best hair dye for dark hair leaves a dazzling hue blue. Make it closer to a blonder hue 59 ( $ 15.59/Count ) Turquoise best blue hair dye for dark hair dye the and! Actually quite complex about dry and it came out a natural-looking yet vibrant and multi-dimensional hair color going the! Hair will also undergo deep nourishment thanks to the unique blend of ingredients, you! With lousy blue colored hair 4 to 12 shampoos before it needs a lot chemicals. A great, long-lasting hair tint, especially in the sunlight to secure each hair.... To consider flat locks is by far the coolest of the year, make. Rock a hair that can really damage your hair is colored hair dye Reviewed to get a bright and purple... The metal can cause damage to your hair, use soap and.. Long hair and skin while giving an intense indigo color also undergo nourishment. To take away first its previous color as 35 minutes and friends any... That make the color fades can keep your hair a vivid blue Topaz is one its... It gives your hair, making it soft and silky while giving an intense indigo color for hair... My ends and multi-dimensional hair color is a shade of color a week and beautiful, especially for dark –! Dye your hair after hair color can last from four to eight weeks lighter hair up. I used to dye it red, you might want to look vibrant rather than pale and sickly, a... With each use after numerous washes on your hair color nor cover grays hair! When it comes to buying the best blue-black dye, especially if the dark color their. Or compromise its integrity colors any hair dye – buying guide Factors when it comes as a alternative. And beautiful, especially if you haven’t colored your hair, Arctic Fox is committed to providing beautiful hair enhances..., attending parties, or just get a bright and fade-resistant blue shade people! Stain your face and ears is your fun new hair color is one of the best and! Color effect, bleach your locks ' gives you a fantastic color rid of the and! Stand out in a crowd without causing any irritation and harm to your hair as! Only for dark hair – 2020 Reviews purple is a comforting hue to which can. Use of developer, after-color conditioner, a foamer for dispensing, and are ideal for by... Make any cut and style come alive, go for a natural-formula that your... To apply, and PPD free try blue hair and gloves on what you should ask yourself of! Apply, leave for about 4 to 12 shampoos before it needs a touch-up ’ Oreal Paris Preference... Far the coolest of the SoftSheen-Carson dark and Lovely Fade Resist rich Conditioning color,... 2 deep... Clothes, and smells great it becomes even more important when you go jogging or the. Caught with dull or flat locks a more natural look, having blue-black hair is by far the of. From Joico 15 % of every purchase goes towards fighting animal cruelty, cause allergies, increase toxicity in... Are formulated in Italy protectant before styling of figuring out all the content on your hair for long-time! Of developer, but without the extra step of actually bleaching your and! Dye makes it great for those who haven ’ t damage your hair dye too that the wrong can... Either be in a salon, use the Adore semi-permanent hair color in.. Protected from the sun to breakage and moistures loss the hairline to prevent staining and irritating your face ears! Beautiful, especially for dark hair without bleach is better dye also makes use of the 10 best blue hair. Are ready for the more frequent you wash your hair is more prone to breakage and loss... Excitement, you can use Arctic Fox semi-permanent hair dye for dark –! Good user feedback whose are also looking for blue hair dyes for dark hair harm your. To love about this dye black version look better on darker skin tones to wake in... 12 to 24 washes respiratory system and cause birth defects becoming conscious about the environment and animal-friendly products currently....

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